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  • Basic content presentation
  • Basic manual content management tools
  • Single brand/company management

  • Enhanced brand/product presentation
  • Tool support for efficient content management
  • Single brand/company management
  • Additional content storage



Product & Company presentation

Create and publish materials

Add hyperlinks to product details

Published content to appear in search results

Company name listed in Companies

(feature under development)

Showcase your related products in your products’ pages 

(feature under development)


Company logo featured in products homepage

(feature under development)


Company name listed in “New and Updated”


Qualify for analytics discount



Product Listings

Create and publish products on BPI Rating

Prioritize order of material certifications

Storage (for images)




Annual Verification

Verified status displayed on the product page

Information and Data Management

Publish content on the knowledge database

Import and manage data through the BPI Rating vendor log-in

Publish and edit data

Import product information using an Excel import template


Import up to 40 products


Access online help tools

(feature under development)

Contact BPI Rating Support Team


Single on-boarding team training session


Product data entry support*




Contact to set up your subscription and analytics account


BPI Rating Analytics© provide intel on building products based on user behaviour, growth and trends of material transparency.

BPI Rating Analytics© can help manufacturers gain insights to evaluate and optimize what product and organisational information and credentials matter for clients and decision-makers.

BPI Rating Analytics© overview:

  • Basic Analytics include company reports, visual graphs to assist internal sustainability reviews, company specific search statistics and exposure performance metrics.
  • Advanced Analytics, in addition to providing the basic analytics reports, provide recommendations on how to improve exposure and visibility, include face to face reviews and recommendations on how to improve your company and/ or product’s sustainability.
  • Aggregated and summary analytics is provided periodically on newsletters and are presented during selected industry events.



BPI Industry Updates

Traffic growth on BPI Rating (total number of visitors)

Growth of total users and companies (per user type)

Content growth (# of products added)

Products Insights

Visitors per product (per user type)


Number of searches your products and/or company had


Top 5 search filters applied in your product category


Most used filters applied overall on BPI (compliance/ resilience/company/ environment)


Most frequently combined filters


Company/ Brand Insights

BPI Advisory on how to improve exposure and visibility


Recommendations on how to improve company and/or product information and credentials


Face- to- face analytics presentation (one per year)



Free $7,500/yr $12,500/y

*Prices are subject to change and are exclusive of GST. All prices are in AUD.

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