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Stora Enso - Crosslam CLT - Single Ply Solid Wood Panel

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Sustainable Building Resources Pty Ltd works in collaboration with some of the biggest European suppliers of cross-laminated timber, as well as the world leading independent mass timber engineers to offer you the best options at any given time. The cross-laminated panels all have DE/EN/EU technical approval. With a large range of products available, our specialist engineers and designers will help you find the most appropriate solutions for your project.In interior fixtures and furniture manufacture the use of solid wood panels is increasing in importance as an alternative to other wood materials, particularly in the top end of the range. binderholz single ply solid wood panels have secured a place, as they have the best qualifications for high quality fixtures and do justice to all visual and technical standards. Carefully sorted lamella offer the guarantee of panels with a minimum of cracking and a beautiful, even wood pattern. Environmentally friendly gluing allows the raw material to retain all of its good natural properties and also makes it more stable and durable.


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ManufacturerStora Enso
Product typeCross laminated timber
Country of originEurope
Building Class