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Met-Tile - Metal tiles cut from Colorbond roofing

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So what is Metal roof tiles? It's roll form pressed tile from steel coil's using COLORBOND® steel and UNICOTE® steel with .550 tensile strength. The tile profile from Met-tile's metal roof tiles, assists with overlapping the sheets and sealing out water. The final manufacturing process we implement, called roll forming, increases efficiency in production and reduces the overall cost. Combine lightweight steel in sheet form, with Met-tile's tile profile and you'll get an attractive, trustworthy, well made roof. For those who are very conscious of the environment and our impact upon it, you'll be happy to know that steel roofing is completely recyclable. Met-tile's metal roof tiles also reflects the sun and reduces air-conditioning costs, while in cooler zones it can help warm spaces underneath. Low weight also reduces stress on the underlying walls of your home or building, and so doesn't require carefully thought out structural support. When installed properly, you should never see a problem with water leaks like you can get from traditional concrete, asphalt or ceramic tile roofing shingles.


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Product typeGalv Light Steel Battens / Acrylic / Steel Tiles
Country of originAustralia
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