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Woven Image - Mura Wave and Dune Tiles

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The products have successfully passed the relevant GreenTag Standard’s Cautionary Assessment Process and no issues of concern or red lights comments exist regarding the toxicity of the products. Wave and Dune Tiles

TOP 3 Benefits:

• Durability
• Health & Ecotoxicity
• Take Back Scheme

Wave and Dune Tiles are a lightweight, durable acoustic wall solution with a contemporary design that combine function and aesthetics by providing texture and depth to wall surfaces as well as noise reduction to provide more comfortable, productive, healthy spaces.

The tiles are mechanically fixed by nail or screw using the custom designed Woven Image Clips and Templates.  This eliminates the need for noxious adhesives and allows for easy disassembly, and the tiles themselves are low VOC and do not contribute to the pollution of indoor air quality.

The tiles consist of a soft, durable PET fabric facing on a firm PET backing.  The minimal use of materials replaces the traditional fabric and engineered wood acoustic panels, screens, and partitions.

The used tiles can be collected and recycled or reused through the Woven Image Product Stewardship Program.


Further information
ManufacturerWoven Image
Product typeNone
Country of originAustralia
Date of product data collection Aug 2020
Building Class Unspecified