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Fencescape - Paling Timber Fencing

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A standard paling timber fence provides privacy and easily blends in with your surrounds. Sometimes referred to as wooden fencing, we can build the fence as tall as 2.4metres high. The best part about timber fencing is that it works with any type of home design. Timber fencing is extremely versatile, suitable for all conditions and timber fencing has a whole range of different functions. Timber fencing is always in style and is the perfect surrounding for any home design. Not only is timber fencing a timeless design, they can be used as feature fences, good neighbour fences, commercial fences installed on almost any site, including difficult sloped areas. Picket fences are ideal for traditional and federation style houses. For more contemporary homes, there are many simple and easy ways to add a creative element to a timber picket fence, without substantially increasing the cost. We plane the edges of the timber for a neat and professional finish.


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Product typeHardwood Paling Fence
Country of originAustralia
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