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Earp Bros Hardware - Porcelanosa STON-KER Façade Tiles

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Porcelanosa Façade Tiles have been compared to an industry standard Aluminium Cladding product which serves as the business as usual for the Exterior Cladding product category. The life cycle inventory data compiled for the BAU product was obtained from industry study (for LCARate and Full GreenTag only).

Porcelanosa STON-KER Façade Tiles

TOP 3 Benefits: • Health & Ecotoxicity • Durability • Ethical Supply Chain

Earp Bros Porcelanosa STON-KER porcelain façade tiles are suitable for a range of decorative and practical applications and are expected to last for the full lifetime of the building. The products are inherently chemically resistant and suitable for their certified purpose of exterior façade cladding, but are also suitable for other external and internal applications including, splashbacks, cladding, wet areas and commercial walling applications. The product is available in a large format which reduces the amount of grout and maintenance required over the life of the product, however the tiles can be cut to size where required.

The product incorporates approximately 95% post-industrial waste recaptured from the manufacturing waste stream where un-fired raw material is returned to the ceramic body preparation. The products are fully recyclable at the end of life and are delivered in recyclable cardboard packaging.


Further information
ManufacturerEarp Bros Hardware Pty Ltd
Product typeNone
Country of originOther
Date of product data collection Aug 2020
Building Class Unspecified