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Dexion Commercial - Strata 2 Planter


Strata 2 Planters are a premium range of cabinet planter boxes designed to be used on top of Strata 2 Tambour Door, Swing Door, Sliding Door, Lateral Drawer and Bookcase cabinets.

The planter boxes are provided complete with moulded ABS liners that provide both strong support and moisture protection. The Strata 2 Planters are designed to accept 200mm (8”)
pots as standard, with a maximum aperture of 230mm (9”). 

Strata 2 Planters are available with both plain and perforated fronts. Perforated planters come complete with sound absorbing acoustic panels as standard. The planters consist of 3 nested components: a powdercoated steel tray with adjustable pot openings, waterproof ABS liner and powdercoated steel carcass.

  • Planters are provided as a complete assembled unit
  • Pre-fitted clear rubber feet are secured to the underside of the planter box. Feet assist in holding the planter in position whilst on the cabinet and prevent any scuffing of the cabinet top
  • Plain or perforated designs available
  • Sound absorbing acoustic panels fitted as standard to perforated planter design
  • Environmentally sustainable waterproof ABS full depth safety liner as standard
  • Unique top tray with folding tabs to assist in retaining fill. Can also be inverted for use without any fill
  • GECA certified


Further information
ManufacturerDexion Commercial
Product typeFurniture
Date of product data collection Feb 2020
Building Class