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Foamex - Styroboard EPS

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Styroboard EPS from Foamex is a highly versatile expanded polystyrene sheet solution ideal for the building and construction industries. Widely used across a number of building applications, Styroboard EPS is a versatile and well proven construction material. Lightweight, strong, clean, and easy to handle, Styroboard EPS provides insulation from temperature and noise and can be used as a base for rendered panels. Styroboard EPS is ideal for use in both commercial and residential applications including warehouses, factories, shop fronts, office buildings, houses and apartment blocks, sheds, patios, and garages. Weather resistant with excellent thermal insulation properties and low moisture absorbency, Styroboard EPS is the perfect material for insulating coolrooms, ceilings, underslabs, walls, and flat and inverted roofs.


Further information
Product typeExpanded polystyrene
CompositionPolystyrene (PS)
Country of originAustralia
Building Class