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Weathertex - Unprimed Flatsheets & Weatherboards

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Unprimed Flatsheets & Weatherboards:

TOP 3 Benefits: • Health & Ecotoxicity •Designed for Disassembly • AFS/PEFC Certified Wood

Weathertex Unprimed Flat Sheets and Weatherboards are formaldehyde-free flat sheets and weatherboards made of sustainably-sourced Australian hardwood timber. Suitable for interior and exterior cladding - for residential and commercial applications.

These Weatherboards are cladding products made from natural Australian hardwood timber from sustainably managed AFS/PEFC-certified NSW state forests and EPA approved private native forestry. The products are formaldehyde-free with the added benefit of termite resistance as well as compliance with AS 3959 Bushfire Attack Level (BAL-19). The product ranges include Selflok weatherboards, Weathergroove architectural panels, and Ecowall architectural panels.

Download the Natural Flat Sheets and Weatherboards Product Health Declaration.


Further information
Product typeSoftwood Weatherboard
Country of originAustralia
Date of product data collection Aug 2020
Building Class Unspecified